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Ceramic Lined V-Port Control Ball Valve

Place of Origin:
Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Ceramic Lined V-Port Control Ball Valve

FVF Ceramic Lined V-Port Control Ball Valve

  • FVF Ceramic Lined V-Port Control Ball Valve features precise control, small flow resistance, large flow coefficient, simple structure and good sealing performance.It is efficient in controlling working conditions.
  • The V-port ball valve has the characteristic of equal percentage flow regulation (logarithmic), which allows for more accurate and flexible flow regulation of the medium. It has a wide adjustable range and fast adjustment speed. Its simple maintenance saves the cost.
  • During the opening and closing process, there is a shear effect between the V-shaped channel of the ball and the valve seat, which can shred and remove fibers, solid particles, etc. in the medium. The structural ceramics have good self-cleaning properties.

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