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Pneumatic Ceramic Dual Plate Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
≤ 250℃
Pneumatic Ceramic Dual Plate Valve

FVF Pneumatic Ceramic Dual Plate Valve

  • FVF pneumatic ceramic dual plate valve uses structural ceramics as the sealing element, which has good erosion resistance and wear resistance. Open double gate sealing structure, bidirectional sealing when the valve is closed; Purging ports and ash funnels can be set according to different working conditions, suitable for conveying media such as dry ash systems and slag slurries; Less dust accumulation, no jamming, simple maintenance and long service life.
  • The pneumatic actuator adopts a fully enclosed push rod straight cylinder drive, with reliable performance and large output torque, which can meet the requirements of working under harsh working conditions. It can also be applied to various media such as dry dust, water, steam, etc. with wear and tear in mining, papermaking, chemical industry, etc.
  • This valve is designed specifically for pneumatic ash removal systems, with reliable opening and closing actions and low starting load; Strong wear resistance, low resistance, and less clogging and fouling; Easy installation and maintenance, long service life, and good sealing performance. The unique design concept lies in the self grinding and polishing effect of the valve plate on the sealing surface of the valve seat during valve operation, which enables it to continuously improve wear resistance and sealing performance in harsh working conditions.