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Pneumatic Anti-Wear Ceramic Disc Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Pneumatic Anti-Wear Ceramic Disc Valve

FVF Pneumatic Anti-Wear Ceramic Disc Valve

  • FVF Pneumatic Anti-Wear Ceramic Disc Valve have a unique structure and manufacturing process. During operation, the actuator drives the connecting rod and driving arm to rotate, thereby driving the disc valve disc. The sealing surface of the entire disc valve disc is in a spiral shape.Under the action of the spring, it tightly adheres to the sealing seat, allowing the valve disc to move vertically to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of components such as the valve body. It is also used to balance pipeline pressure and prevent small particulate matter enter the sealing surface. The force of the valve driving arm and the friction force of the sealing seat cause the valve disc to automatically rotate on the sealing surface, polishing the sealing surface and removing surface deposits.
  • Widely used in hard particles, corrosive or slagging media, high temperature and pressure, frequent actions, and other working conditions.