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Pneumatic Swing Ceramic Feed Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Pneumatic Swing Ceramic Feed Valve

FVF Pneumatic Swing Ceramic Feed Valve

  • FVF Pneumatic Swing Ceramic Feed Valve has good sealing performance, high temperature resistance, strong wear resistance, flexible opening and closing, and no jamming or dust accumulation.
  • It mainly consists of an upper valve body, a lower valve body, a valve plate, a crank, and a pneumatic device. Simple structure, flexible operation, light weight, no jamming, and convenient installation and disassembly; Especially suitable for the transportation of various types of wear and corrosive dust materials, blocky and clumpy materials; Vertical installation, easy to operate, and the opening can be adjusted at any time. Adopting high-quality carbon steel casting structure, it has high strength and good performance.
  • When the pneumatic swing ceramic feed valve is working, the connecting rod is driven by the pneumatic thrust to move the gate in a horizontal reciprocating motion, achieving the purpose of opening and closing the valve. It can replace the dome valve, hanging valve, flipping valve, and double gate valve as the feeding valve of the warehouse pump.
  • It is suitable for the opening and closing of ash and slag discharge in the dry ash system of thermal power plants, as well as for the feeding and closing of dust media with wear and corrosion in mines, lime plants, cement plants, etc.

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