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Ceramic Lined Non-Rising Stem Slurry Valve

Place of Origin:
Wenzhou China
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Ceramic Lined Non-Rising Stem Slurry Valve

FVF Ceramic Lined Non-Rising Stem Slurry Valve

  • The product is widely used in solid, liquid-solid, gas-solid two-phase medium conveying systems such as ash, sludge, coal slurry, ore slurry, sewage, etc., especially in the sub coal system of thermal power plants.
  • The sealing surface materials of the gate and valve seat are made of structural ceramics, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. The sealing surface adopts a hard seal, and the parts in contact with the medium are made of structural ceramic materials, which have extremely high chemical stability and hardness. Therefore, this valve has extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and erosion resistance, as well as good insulation and low thermal expansion.