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Ceramic Lined Single Gate Valve

Place of Origin:
Wenzhou China
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Ceramic Lined Single Gate Valve

FVF Ceramic Lined Single Gate Valve

  • FVF ceramic single gate valve, also known as flat gate valve, adopts flange connection form and can be divided into manual ceramic single gate valve and pneumatic ceramic single gate valve according to different driving methods.
  • This valve uses structural ceramic as the sealing pair, and the surface is made of ceramic. It has reliable sealing, compact overall structure, high hardness, erosion resistance, and long service life. The scope of use is the inlet and outlet valves of the dry ash system pump in thermal power plants; Pipeline switching valve in heavy medium Plumbing of Coal preparation plant; Open and close valves for pipelines with worn dry ash, slag water, and other media in mines, chemical industries, and other industries.


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