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Ceramic Lined Slag Discharge Valve

Place of Origin:
Wenzhou China
particles,dust,fiber,sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
Ceramic Slag Discharge Valve

FVF Ceramic Lined Slag Discharge Valve

  • Ceramic slag discharge valves are suitable for liquid and solid mixed media. Special structural design, excellent slag removal effect, no slag accumulation inside the valve body, and tight closure. The sealing surface materials of the gate and valve seat are all made of ceramic, which improves wear resistance and corrosion resistance, greatly extending the service life of the valve.
  • This valve is suitable for industries such as power, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, coal handling plants, cement plants, water treatment plants, etc., especially for severely worn slurry and ash pipeline transportation systems.
  • This valve mainly consists of a valve body, gate, bracket, screw, engineering ceramics, etc. The handwheel adopts a thrust bearing design to reduce the opening and closing resistance; It can also be composed of wear-resistant materials based on the easily worn parts of the valve body, and the streamlined design at the outlet prevents slag formation during use.


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