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PTFE Lined Flange Type Butterfly Valve With Worm Gear

Place of Origin:
Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
PTFE:-29℃ ~180℃, PFA:-29℃~200℃, FEP:-29℃~150℃
PTFE Lined Flange Type Butterfly Valve With Worm Gear

FVF PTFE Lined Flange Type Butterfly Valve With Worm Gear

  • FVF PTFE lined butterfly valve features a state-of-the-art design that provides excellent shutoff protection (bubble-tight shutoff) and high Cv values with exceptionally long service life. The resilient seated butterfly valve is available in a variety of materials including PTFE, PFA, Stainless Steel and special alloys to fit a wide range of customer requirements.

  • FVF PTFE lined butterfly valves are available with Wafer style or Lug style 150# ANSI flange connections. They can be equipped with a manual lever or can be actuated with electric or pneumatic actuators. A full range of accessory items are available including limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners and manual override devices.

  • FVF lined butterfly valves bi-directional flow is possible at maxmium operating pressure. Since the valve port corresponds to the piping diameter, a high flow capacity is guaranteed.It features ease of maintenance, repeatable on-off, long life durability.

  • It is commonly used in the power generation, brewing, water and food industries and suitable for both gaseous and liquid service. Typically applied in chemical/petrochemical process, food and beverage, and pulp and paper etc.

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