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Angle Type PTFE PFA FEP Lined Globe Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
PTFE:-29℃ ~180℃, PFA:-29℃~200℃, FEP:-29℃~150℃
Angle Type PTFE PFA FEP Lined Globe Valve

FVF Angle Type PTFE PFA FEP Lined Globe Valve

  • FVF Lined globe valve is fully lined with fluorine materials.It has good anti-corrosive function and it is a better choice to shut-off in corrove pipeline.
  • Angle Globe Valve is a modified globe valve whose inlet and outlet are at right angles to each other. The basic design of this valve is the same as a basic globe valve, but they have a fundamental difference in the direction of fluid flow as in the angle valve, the fluid makes a 90° turn. These valves are used in lines where the pipe construction or pressure drop is complex. 
  • The ends of this Globe valve are at a 90-degree angle, and fluid flow is accomplished with a single 90-degree turn. Their coefficient of flow is significantly smaller than that of oblique-style globe valves. Because of their ability to withstand the slugging effect of this form of flow, they are used in applications that include cycles of pulsating flow.

Product Parameter

Materials of Main Parts

No. Part Name Material List
1 Body/Bonnet HT250 WCB CF8
2 Disc/Stem 35 1Cr13 1Cr18Ni19
3 Lining/Seat PCTFE(F3)     PTFE(F4)    FEP(F46)     PFA      PO
4 Packing PTFE(F4)
5 Packing Gland WCB WCB CF8
6 Handwheel HT200 HT200 WCC

Technical Specification

Design & Manufacture Standard GB/T 12233 BS 5160
Face-to-face Dimension Standard GB/T 12221 BS 5160
Flange Standard HG/T 20592 ASME B16.5
Inspection and Test Standard GB/T 13927 API 598
Nominal Pressure 1.0MPa 1.6Mpa 150LB
Test Pressure Shell Test 1.5MPa 1.5MPa 1.5MPa
High Pressure Sealing 1.1MPa 1.1MPa 1.1MPa
Low Pressure Sealing 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Temperature Range PFA:-29℃~200℃    PTFE:-29℃~180℃  FEP:-29℃~150℃
Applicable Medium Strong corrosive medium i.e.hydrochloric acid,Nitric acid,Hydrofluoric acid,Liquid chlorine,Sulfuric acid and Aqua regia etc.
Note:Test standard refers to general valve standard,high pressure should be customized for processing.

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