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PTFE Lined 45 Degree Elbow

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
PTFE Lined 45° Elbow

FVF PTFE Lined 45 Degree Elbow

  • Its working temperature is high at the range of -29°C-180°C; except the molten alkali metals, element fluorine and aromatic hydrocarbon, lined products can be used in any chemical medium.
  • Vacuum resistance. In the range of -29°C-150°C, it is applicable for vacuum condition. In chemical production, the vacuum condition occurs due to cooling, longitudinal emissions, or medium backflow. 
  • It is high-pressure resistant . Within temperature working condition, it can sustain the working pressure of 3.0MPa.
  • It is penetration Resistant.It has excellent antiosmosis by adapting the high-quality PTFE and making it of high density and enough thickness after advanced lining processing.
  • PTFE advanced lining molding process achieved the status of syn chronous hot expansion or cold shrinkage for steel components and fluorine plastic. 

Product Parameter

Specific Gravity 2.14-2.19g/cm3 as per ASTM D 792 test standard.
Tensile Rate 20.7Mpa minimum as per ASTM D 638 test standard.
Elongation Rate 250% minimum as per ASTM D 638 test standard.
Manufacture Standard ASTM D 4895.
Operating in vacuum condition within 150°C.

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