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Worm Gear Operated FEP PFA Lined Plug Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
PTFE:-29℃ ~180℃, PFA:-29℃~200℃, FEP:-29℃~150℃
Worm Gear Operated FEP PFA Lined Plug Valve

FVF Worm Gear Operated FEP PFA Lined Plug Valve

  • FVF lined plug valve is a valve that uses a plug body with a through hole as the opening and closing part and the plug rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action.
  • FVF plug valve can be opened and closed quickly with small fluid resistance. Since the movement between the sealing surfaces of the plug valve has the function of wiping and can completely prevent the contact with the flowing medium when it is fully opened, so it can also be used for the medium with suspended particles.
  • The plug and lined valve body have an ideal conical design.The top seal forms the second external seal to prevent the medium from leaking out of the valve stem when the sealing surface fails.
  • By removing the four bolts on the bonnet, all components in the valve can be taken out.Then the valve parts can be directly replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline.
  • Plug valves are mainly used to cut off the flow of medium and can also be used for medium distribution (three-way plug valve).
  • FVF lined plug valve is applicable to any corrosive medium except "molten alkali metal and elemental fluorine".It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, food, steel smelting, paper making, water and electricity, environmental assurance etc.

Product Parameter

Materials of Main Parts

No. Part Name Material List
1 Body WCB CF8 CF8M
2 Plug WCB CF8 CF8M
3 Wedge Ring PTFE
4 V-shape Gasket PTFE
5 Metal Gasket SS304
6 Bonnet WCB CF8 CF8M
7 Screw A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B8M
8 Top Bolt A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B8M

Technical Specification

Design & Manufacture Standard GB/T 12240 API 6D
Face-to-face Dimension Standard GB/T 12221 ASME B16.10
Flange Standard HG/T 20592 ASME B16.5
Inspection and Test Standard GB/T 13927 API 598
Nominal Pressure 1.0MPa 1.6Mpa 150LB
Test Pressure Shell Test 1.5MPa 1.5MPa 1.5MPa
High Pressure Sealing 1.1MPa 1.1MPa 1.1MPa
Low Pressure Sealing 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Temperature Range PFA:-29℃~200℃    PTFE:-29℃~180℃  FEP:-29℃~150℃
Applicable Medium Strong corrosive medium i.e.hydrochloric acid,Nitric acid,Hydrofluoric acid,Liquid chlorine,Sulfuric acid and Aqua regia etc.
Note:Test standard refers to general valve standard,high pressure should be customized for processing.