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UPVC Wafer Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

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Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport

FVF UPVC Wafer Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

  • FVF UPVC butterfly valves are popular due to their dependability and low maintenance needs. Due to less wear, the useful life of the valve can be extended. This minimizes direct operating expenses and the number of hours spent on valve maintenance.
  • It can be used for stopping, regulating and starting the flow. In a butterfly valve a disc is mounted on the rotating shaft. The disc stops the line when the butterfly valve is completely closed. The disc of the UPVC butterfly valve is at right angles to the flow of gas or liquid when fully opened.
  • The valve can be completely closed or opened by rotating the handle 90 degrees. Larger UPVC butterfly valves often have a gearbox attached, which connects the hand wheel to the stem via gears. This makes valve functioning easier, but it comes at the cost of speed.

Product Parameter

Materials of Main Parts

NO. Name Material
1 Body FRPP    PVDF     UPVC    CPVC    PPH
2 Disc FRPP    PVDF     UPVC    CPVC    PPH
3 Stem 1Cr18Ni9Ti
4 Seat EPDM    FPM
6 Lever Steel
7 Nut FRPP    PVDF     UPVC    CPVC    PPH
8 Gear box Steel

Working Temperature

Material Medium Temperature
FRPP -14°C ~ +90°C
PPH -20°C ~ +110°C
UPVC -10°C ~ +65°C
PVDF -40°C ~ +150°C
CPVC -20°C ~ +95°C

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