Safe Use Principles Of Fluorine-lined Ball Valves

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1. When the fluorine-lined ball valve is connected to the pipeline, a gasket is generally not used alone. However, when it is connected to the flange surface of different materials (metal surface, etc.), an appropriate gasket should be used to protect the PTFE flange surface.

2. The flange cover of the fluorine-lined ball valve cannot be opened at will, unless it is ready to be connected to the pipeline, otherwise the PTFE flange surface may be scratched or deformed due to temperature difference or foreign matter, which may affect the sealing. If the cover is moved for inspection purposes, the cover should be reset quickly after inspection to protect the PTFE flange surface.

3. The sealing pair of the fluorine-lined valve stored for a long time should be in a slightly open separation state to prevent the sealing surface from being deformed due to long-term pressure, affecting the sealing function and service life.

4. It is not allowed to do any high-temperature welding work on the fluorine-lined valve to avoid damage to the lining layer.

5. Lined Ball Valve In the use of the system, if there is a leakage at a high temperature, the system temperature should be lowered to room temperature first, and then the cause should be found out and repaired.

6. When manually operating the fluorine-lined valve, it is not allowed to force the valve to open and close by other levers.

7. Fluorine-lined valves should be stored in a dry and ventilated room and stacked strictly.

8. The repaired fluorine-lined valves must be tested and qualified according to relevant specifications before use before they can be installed.

9. When installing fluorine-lined ball valves with directional requirements, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium should follow the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body, and ensure that operation and repair are convenient.

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