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Solution To The Problem Of Fluorine-lined Ball Valve Getting Stuck

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Solution to the stuck problem of fluorine-lined ball valve

LINED BALL VALVE When working, sometimes there may be a stuck problem, so how to solve this problem?

Fluorine-lined ball valve
The leaf spring deformation cavity of the valve seat has poor sealing performance, so that the silicon powder of polysilicon enters the leaf spring deformation cavity of the valve seat, causing the leaf spring to be blocked and fail, and the fluorine-lined ball valve is stuck by the valve seat and cannot be switched well, or even closed.

Silicon powder enters the middle cavity between the valve body and the ball of the fluorine-lined ball valve when the valve is switched, causing the ball to lock and causing the fluorine-lined ball valve to fail to switch smoothly. However, this cause requires a working condition, that is, the silicon powder can only be bonded to the cavity when it is wet. Silicon powder will not cause this kind of locking when it is dry or fluid. If silicon powder causes locking when it is dry or fluid, it means that the silicon powder has entered the leaf spring deformation cavity of the valve seat.

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